Forest school summer 2 Highlight reel and Brightstars

Mr Lee, 2 Nov 2021

Check out all the amazing work our pupils across pulled together for the Brightstars campaign and our Year 6 Forest school Highlight reel!

Forest school summer 2 Highlight reel and Brightstars

Its been a supper busy half term with so many amazing projects and work happening around school including our schools attempt at highlighting the issue of pollution in our sea and local natural habitats. The pupils have been working hard alongside the Rivers trust and WHYP to discover how pollution is effecting our local beauty spots alongside discussions on what can be achieved to help protect and make changes.

Year 3 created a fabulous poem with Miss Benson as part of their creative writing using the brightstars challenge as their theme! 

The pupils also worked with Miss Dockeray during music to create songs and raps in a way to spread the message of importance of tackling pollution in our local community!

As part of our year 6 transition work our Year 6 pupils have been spending their Monday afternoons enjoying Forest school in preperation for moving on by exploring the 3 look afters alongside learning how to use tools, a variety of woodland crafts and creating den build projects and planting willow in attempts to make a willow dome. The pupils have been excellent participants and have loved every minute of our project!

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