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Dilan Ridley and Rachael Eaton, 9 Dec 2020

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Sports Blog

This week, we will be telling you how the new lockdown has effected sports and what we have been up to in P.E.

As we are now in lockdown, we can no longer run after school clubs. Clubs have been postponed until we are out of lockdown. Year 6 were meant to be doing football and Year 5 were meant to be doing athletics; we hope they can go ahead in 4 weeks time (after lockdown)!

In P.E, Year 6 have been thriving in their dance unit. In the last lesson, they created dance routine based on the qualities of superheroes. 

Year 4 have also been looking at dance, with their topic covering Superheroes. They created a dance based on one that we had previously learnt, looking into holding the pose for 4 beats, and relating the pose to the characteristics of a superhero. If you would like to watch the full dance, just click here and prepare to be amazed by Year 4!

Year 3's dance lessons have been a little different this term. They have been covering the topic of the Earth - with their dance focusing on the layers of the Earth, and they have been challenged with preparing a sequence that represents the four main layers: inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. 

Mr Bentham has made a new council called Sports Council. They may add new sports that we learn in P.E. There are two people from each class from KS2. Congratulations to: 

Year 3- Jamie Redfern, Darcey Skelton

Year 4-Ruben Hookham-Foy, Poppy Copper 

Year 5-Isaac Corcoran, India Thompson-Amrith 

Year 6-Emilia Simpson, Arthur Freye 

Here are some words from two Sports Council members.

“I know it was a good idea to introduce sports council as it will help us advance sports at Broughton.” By Arthur Freye.

“It gives people better chance to play sports.”

India Thompson-Amrith.

The Sports Council will be responsible for a whole host of things, but until the regulations change about bubbles mixing, the Sports Council meetings will be postponed. However, the first task for each class's member is to come up with a bag of equipment for each bubble for playtimes, making sure that it is Covid -friendly and easy to clean. 

That is all for this month's version. Next month, we will be covering more competitions, new exciting developments of how we are spending the Sports Premium money and help on how to stay active over the Christmas period!

By  Dilan Ridley and Rachael Eaton

Broughton-in-Amounderness Church of England Primary School

Here at Broughton, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Competitive sport are integral parts of a child’s education. We strive to support excellence in PE through promoting healthy and active lifestyles, engaging in competitive activities and developing a love for physical education. We deliver high quality teaching, with specialist teachers and external bodies to ensure that all aspects of the PE curriculum are being delivered to the highest quality. We offer a balanced program, one that focuses on the development of the fundamental movement skills that children need in life. Children are able to access a variety of sports within school, thus providing them with an opportunity to express themselves and develop their own unique skills in their chosen sport. Individuality is something that we celebrate here at Broughton, as every child is different, and children are offered the chance to display their talents through sport. Children can also build self-esteem, develop team work and friendships and have a positive attitude towards PE, also providing the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy children will develop into healthy adults, so we certainly are shaping the future and it is paramount that children see an active healthy lifestyle of importance in their adolescence and beyond. PE and School Sport is also the perfect vehicle for the children to develop the element of responsibility. We give the children autonomy to look after their PE kit, as well as being responsible for their own kit when representing the school in any sporting events. Independence is an integral part of a child’s development, and PE and School Sport offers a tool for the children to grow and mature into independent learners. A positive experience of sport outside of school is also something that we hold in high regard at Broughton. Children have access to a range of competitions and are able to compete against each other as well as other schools. This inevitably gives children the opportunity to make new friends, meet new people and create new links across the county and beyond. It gives external companies a chance to promote their teams/groups to our children, giving them a platform to continue sport outside of school. In terms of elite sport, attending sporting competitions also provides an opportunity for children to excel in sport and go on to represent elite teams, their town team and even the county. However, at Broughton, elite and competitive sport is not the forefront of our sporting ethos – it is simply to promote love and participation in sport. Because of this, we will strive to take as many teams as possible to each competition, striving to provide each child with an opportunity to partake in competitive sport. Our inclusion and participation in School Sport and competitive events has been recognised by the School Games, and we now hold the ‘School Games Gold Award for School Sport’ – a positive notion and one we plan on excelling further with our bid to achieve platinum status. In order to continue to participate in a wide range of sports, we continue to use the Sports Premium Expenditure to offer the children high quality resources. The money given from the government is distributed based on the needs of the school and, along with an audit of PE equipment and resources across school, we analyse the resources we need to make our school sport and PE lessons even more inclusive and attractive to each individual. Not only do the staff encourage the children to develop a love for sport, but the children have also recognised the importance of physical activity within their lives and relay this ethos to their peers on a daily basis. Children have recognised the passion shown by the staff and have continued this by offering their own clubs to the younger children, providing even further opportunities for the younger children to develop their fundamental movement skills, whilst also providing older children with another example of responsibility and individuality.

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