Basketball Qualifiers 18th October @ Mark Hall

Ms Jordan, 22 Oct 2019

So excited to announce that both our Cooks Spinney teams won their groups this year and are through to the finals on the 25th October at Mark Hall School. The 2 teams were made up of:- SAMIA COCO MAIJA LUCIE LAYLA JASMINE CHELSEA OLIVER TYLER SPENCER ARCHIE B JAMES MASON LIAM ARCHIE H

Basketball Qualifiers 18th October @ Mark Hall

Group 1

Cooks Spinney B - 11 points

Roydon - 9 points

Nazeing A - 8 points

Longwood - 7 points

Milwards B - 4 points

Group 2

Milwards A – 7 points (through on baskets scored)

St Albans - 7 points

Freshwaters - 7 points

Hare Street – 3 points

Group 3

Pemberley - 8 points

Cooks Spinney A - 7 points (winner by Pemberley defaulting)

Nazeing B - 6 points

St Lukes - 3 points

Afternoon qualifiers

Group 1

Church Langley 2 – 10 points

Potter Street B - 8 points

Holy Cross A - 8 points

Fawbert and Barnard B - 7 points

Little Parndon A - 7 points

Group 2

Potter Street A - 12 points

Downs A - 9 points

Pear Tree Mead A  - 9 points

Little Parndon B - 6 points

Fawbert and Barnard A - 4 points

Group 3

Church Langley A - 12 points

St Nicholas - 10 points

Holy Cross B - 7 points

Pear Tree Mead B - 6 points

The Downs B - 5 points

Unfortunately we wont have our 2 teams that won as they will be gone on a residential school trip to Kingwood.  We will be putting in another team made up of year 4's 5's and 6's to compete in the final and I am sure they will do the school, themselves and their parents proud.

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