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Sylk Gymnastics Competition!

Posted 19th January 2024

On Wednesday the 17th of January years 3,4,5,6 took part in a gymnastics competition. They did so well so, to find out more read on!

Rock Kidz

Posted 12th January 2024

On Monday the 8th of January Rock Kidz came to Dean Valley to give lessons in the form of exciting rock outs! What happened? Read on to discover what happened.....

Madame Leicester

Posted 21st December 2023

Thursday the 21st of December marks the end of Madame Leicester's teaching career at Dean Valley. We will miss her very much. Read on to find out about this amazing teacher.

Phys-kids Christmas toy trails!

Posted 6th December 2023

The sports Ambassador's have created some fun, Christmassy trails for the children to complete during 1st and 2nd break at school. To find out more about the trails read on!

Dean Valley Christmas Fair!

Posted 4th December 2023

On Friday the 1st of December, Dean Valley had a Christmas Fair. Everyone had an amazing time. Read more for other details.

Girls Rugby Tournament

Posted 10th November 2023

On Friday the 10th of November, Dean Valley girls (ranging from year 4- year 6) went to Macc rugby club. Want to know how how they did? Read on to find out more...

Freddie Fit

Posted 2nd November 2023

This Monday, Dean Valley children participated in Freddie Fit. All the classes really enjoyed the session. Read on to find out more.

Our New Behaviour Policy

Posted 2nd November 2023

Dean Valleys New Behavior Policy This half term we have introduced a new behavior policy, because some children decided that they weren't going to respect our old one.

Sports Ambassador training

Posted 19th October 2023

In our school, we are aiming to boost physical health for all of the children. Sports ambassadors are one of our many ideas to do so. Read on to find out more!

Cross Country

Posted 19th October 2023

Last week children from Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a Cross-Country race at Falibroome High School. They all did extremely well, so keep on reading to find out how we did.


Posted 19th October 2023

On the 18th of October 2023 Dean Valley Community Primary School Y5 and Y6 participated in an orienteering activity on the playground.

The Girls Football Tournament!

Posted 19th October 2023

Year 3 and 4 took place in a girls only tournament. The girls played brilliantly in the matches. So if you want to know more about the tournament read on......

Boys year 5&6 football tournament

Posted 28th September 2023

Dean Valley year 5&6 boys competed in a football tournament! Want to hear how they did? Read on to find out more!

Mr P Davies Talk.

Posted 28th September 2023

Dean Valley year 5&6 children are learning about the war and Mr Davies came in to teach them more about it as he was in the war! To find out more read on!

Ash Grove Y5&Y6 Football Match

Posted 28th September 2023

On Thursday 21st September Dean Valley’s year 5 and 6 took on Ash Grove in a friendly.

Girls Year 5&6 Football Tournament

Posted 28th September 2023

On the 27th of September 2023, Year 5&6 girls took place in a tournament at Mac town stadium. They tried their hardest to win the games but sadly didn’t make it to the finals. Do you want to know more about us.... So, keep on reading. 😀

Stephen Davies' visit

Posted 18th January 2023

On Wednesday 18th January, the author Stephen Davies came to visit Dean Valley.

Tuesday leisure centre

Posted 30th November 2022

Tuesdays at the Leisure Centre

Girls football on the up

Posted 11th November 2022

Second tournament for the y3/4 girls this year and it is not even Christmas!

Inclusive Boccia

Posted 11th November 2022

Second in the Boccia and boy did we enjoy it!

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