Girls Rugby Tournament

Sophie Corbett and Poppy Bennison, 10 Nov 2023

On Friday the 10th of November, Dean Valley girls (ranging from year 4- year 6) went to Macc rugby club. Want to know how how they did? Read on to find out more...

The  Dean Valley girls took part in a rugby tournament. In the first match it was Malborough school vs Dean Valley. It was a tough game but in the end it was 3-1 to Malborough. In the second game against Hollinhey, Dean Valley secured the win. Then against  Prestbury, the match was decided to be 3-3 in the end. In the finals it was Malborough vs Dean Valley again, though we all put 100% into the match, Malborough secured to win as 5-2. Overall we were 2nd place! Everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Great tournament Dean Valley! Well done Dean Valley!!

Reported by Sophie Corbett and Poppy Bennison

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