Inclusive Boccia

Mrs McDermott, 11 Nov 2022

Second in the Boccia and boy did we enjoy it!

Inclusive Boccia

Last Thursday, three children from year 4 attended Macclesfield Academy, to participate in a Boccia festival. There were 11 schools at the festival and Dean Valley came 2nd!!! How impressive is that! "We had to go to a big sports hall. There were 6 different challenges. The best bit was when I threw the Jack and I rolled the red ball over there and it hit the Jack. It made me smile! We met a lot of new people and made new friends. Lots of people wanted to know about my wheelchair so it was really good!" Jonathan.

Dean Valley Community Primary School

We are Dean Valley primary school and we are rights respecting. we are always dedicated to whatever challenge that is put in front us and complete it with smiles on our faces :)

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