Madame Leicester

Sophie Corbett, Poppy Bennison and Pippa Stott., 21 Dec 2023

Thursday the 21st of December marks the end of Madame Leicester's teaching career at Dean Valley. We will miss her very much. Read on to find out about this amazing teacher.

Madame Leicester joined the Dean Valley team in 2005. She taught Years 2, 3 and 4 in her time. As well as teaching classes, she has taught the entire school French. Madame Leicester held the Year 3's together during lockdown.  She continued to entertain us through zoom call and after lockdown she showed us many videos and pictures in her lessons to engage and educate each year. She takes us on exciting trips such as Poole's Cavern, Danes Moss and more. Madame Leicester introduced forest gang, which was the beginning of Dean Valley's forest school. Her general knowledge is outstanding, we feel privileged to have her share her knowledge with us. From science to art, she has been an amazing teacher. Expanding our minds further and further helping us along our school journey. Dean Valley will miss Madame Leicester dearly. Wishing you the best possible retirement, Madame Leicester! 

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