Sylk Gymnastics Competition!

Poppy Bennison & Elsie Howe., 19 Jan 2024

On Wednesday the 17th of January years 3,4,5,6 took part in a gymnastics competition. They did so well so, to find out more read on!

There were 2 activities that everyone participated in, they were vault and floor. There were a year 3 & 4 team and a 5 & 6 team. The year 5 & 6 team came 2nd place and the year 3 & 4 team came 3rd. Ellie, Lyla and Ava won the year 5 & 6 individual. Rosa, Megan and Sophie B were year 3 & 4 individuals. Sophie B came 1st in vault individual! We are so proud of everybody who came!

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