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Henry Tew, 30 Nov 2022

Tuesdays at the Leisure Centre

Tuesdays at the Leisure Centre

For Key Stage two of Dean Valley, Tuesdays differ from the rest of the week. On this special day we are lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Bollington Leisure Centre. Here we partake in various fun activities: swimming, gymnastics, yoga and squash.

In swimming we learn different strokes and techniques in the water. We are split into three groups based on skill level and we progress through the stages over the course of the year. Everybody swims each week.

Squash is led by Head Squash Coach Chris Ogden, who is an England Squash Level 3 Coach. He helps us practice our racquet skills and understand the rules of the game.

In gymnastics we have been putting together routines made up of various moves to music. We work with partners to make our routines synchronized.

Yoga is a time for quiet and reflection. We have been learning yoga poses such as tree, downward dog and candlestick. The poses help our balance and concentration and we do breathing exercises which are relaxing.

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