Mrs Mileham, 1 May 2019

All the latest news from Garlinge Primary School and Nursery!



  Hockey     double Silver

Our year 3 & 4 children took part in     this years first Hockey competition at Chatham House where they didn’t     disappoint. After finishing top of the table they headed straight for the     finals in a repeat of last years final against St Peters. The team battled     superbly in the final and finished worthy runners up out of the Thanet     Schools. Knowing that we had made it to the last 3     finals in the Hockey our year 5 & 6 team went out to show that they too     had what it takes to compete at the highest level. After finishing the     group stage top of the table they too made it to the final. This time     against a strong Upton side we went 1-0 down and using our school values     managed to finish the final 1-1. However there had to be a winner and     during a golden goal finish Upton managed to score again with Garlinge once     again finishing with silver medals. Well done everyone who played so well     in all of their games!

Cross Country

There were some excellent performances from the     children who took part in the cross country this term. The wind made the     races tough to complete, but everyone came away with a medal for finishing.     It was lovely to see our school values in action; perseverance against the     weather, aspiration to be the best we could be, respect for the others in     the races and teamwork to help our friends finish the race. A special     mention must go to Mohtady who fell over on the start line but still     managed to earn himself a silver medal! 


The netball teams have been in action,     playing in both the high 5 event, where Garlinge 1 missed out on the final     by one point, and the festival. We have plenty to work on during our     practices to make sure we are prepared for the Thanet Schools main     competition next term! 

 Tri     Golf

This year we once again entered two  teams into the annual Tri Golf competition and both teams did a fantastic  job! Both teams thoroughly enjoyed the     event and represented our school     values to an amazing standard. Our first team coached and     encouraged each other extremely well and their points tally positioned them     as runners up of the overall competition. Well done to everyone who took part     and keep up the good work! 

Multi Fit

This new event was a   smash hit with the children who took part! There were plenty of different     sports to try, but the favourite activity by far was the giant obstacle     course!


Three     team competed in the Kent School Games gymnastics competition – a first for     Team Garlinge! 

Our     youngest team finished in 4th place, Y4 team finished joint 3rd     nd our Y6 team finished in an incredible 2nd place! Well done     for putting in such a lot of hard work in the practice sessions ad for     representing our school so well.

 Inclusive     Sports Club

This     term children have been focusing on TEAMWORK to help them overcome sporting     challenges. Some of the children were also selected to represent Team     Garlinge at the Change 4 Life festival last term and did a fantastic job of     representing the school and showing us their fantastic skills that they     have been developing


Congratulations     to all the Year 4 children who have made such great progress in their     swimming lessons this term.

Chance    2 Shine

A Kent Community Cricket coach has been in     school all term teaching year 2,3,4 and 6. It has been great fun and we feel well prepared for our cricket     events next term.


This     term Year 3 have had their Intra event which was ran by our lovely SSOC     leaders. 

They     have chosen to run a Cricket event and the GREEN Team were the winners for Year 3.

Our     Year 3 YELLOW     Team were chosen by the leaders to win our P.A.R.T trophy for showing all     of our school values throughout the event.



Y5 have     enjoyed working with Olympia Boxing this term and have learnt the basics of     this exciting discipline.  Y6 have     also had the chance to work with Jade as she put them through their paces     in her boxercise programme. 

Change     for Life

Well     done to everyone who has been a part of our Change 4 Life clubs this term.     We have successfully run 4 clubs this term and this has been possible     thanks to our fantastic Change 4 Life leaders.

Look     out for the leaders over the next couple of months as they continue to help     us to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide us with more chances to be   active!

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