Year 6 Netball Club

Amirah, 27 Nov 2020

In netball club on Wednesday the girls played with 100% effort.

Year 6 Netball Club

In the first quarter, 2 goals were scored by the green team, and 1 goal from the yellows, leaving the score at 2-1 to the greens. Hannah did some excellent driving into spaces to receive the ball.

In the second quarter, no goals were scored, but there was some fantastic partnership play between Lara and Amirah.

In the third quarter, 1 goal was scored by the yellows and there was some great defending from Lucy and Prisha. The score was now 2-2.

In the fourth and final quarter, 1 goal was scored by the greens and there was some good driving into spaces from Annie. This brings the total to 3-2, meaning the greens won. Well done greens!

Well done to Annie and Ruby for getting players of the match. Congratulations girls!

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