Cross Country

Mrs Pearce-Ramwell, 14 Oct 2018

The cross country team took part in the first race of the season at Long Sutton Rec.


The  Cross  Country  team  took part  in  the  first  race  of  the  season  at  Long  Sutton Recreation Ground. All the children ran with strong determination and  produced  excellent runs.  Oliver,  who  ran  in  the  boys  Year  3/4  race,  had  an outstanding  run  coming third overall,  and Layla, who  should  have  ran  in  the  girls  Year  3/4  race  but missed  it,  ran  with  the  Year  5  &  6s  and  came  an incredible 13thplace.!  Well  done  to  everyone,  what a great start to the season.

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