Reward Day

Mrs Pearce-Ramwell, 7 Mar 2019

Classes were introduced to the new sport of arrow Tag.

Reward Day

Northmoor and Isle classes got to have a go at arrow tag, a game which is like dodgeball but played with bows and arrows. The children thoroughly enjoyed this new activity and quickly became very accurate when firing their arrows at each other. (The arrows did have plastic balls on the end so it didn’t hurt when hit) 

Comment from Patrick O’Loughlin, Manger, Premier Exeter & Premier East Somerset Premier,

  I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed delivering multiskills and arrow tag for your students today. This is the first time I have taught in your school and I was extremely impressed with the behaviour, application and personality of your children – they were a pleasure to be with today. We look forward to coming back at the end of April.

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