Sports Day

Mrs Carratt, 5 Jul 2019

Locking Primary School's annual sports day held on Thursday 4th July 2019

Sports Day

On a rather sunny and hot day, Locking Primary School hosted our annual sports day.  All our children did a warm up before they went in house groups to the KS1 field where the field events took place or to the KS2 field where the trace events took place.

The field events included bean bag throwing,  standing long jump,  shot put and javelin.  The track events started off with the obstacle course, followed by hurdles, then sprinting finishing off with the relay.  All our children were encouraged to take part in one track event each and with the field events everyone had a go at each event.

Our children were fantastic - it was very hot but they all had a go and put in 100% effort.  We always tell our children that its not always about winning - its the taking part and putting in the effort that we want to see.  We want to see smiles on their faces when they are taking part in sport.  This was the first sports day for our foundation children and some of them were nervous (there were a few tears) but by the end of their first event they were smiling and pleased that they had a go.

Our parents/carers/friends who came along to support their children were amazing and it was great to see so much support and encouragement.  Our staff who took down results and made sure the children got to the event they were participating in, supported and encouraged the children were amazing.

Big thank you to Mrs Robertson, Mrs Child and Mrs Stone for running the track and field and for organising such a big event.


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