Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

Mrs Carratt, 27 Sep 2019

ELAN Tag Rugby event held at Worle School Monday 23rd September 2019

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

  Locking Primary school took part in a MAT Tag Rugby event hosted at Worle School. Our team consisted of Stan, Cory, Kezia and Chrissy from year 6 and Ollie, Emily and Freddie from year 5.

Our team had never played Tag Rugby together and some of the children did not know how to play! Ronan from Worle school gave the team some tips and showed them how to throw the ball and gave them a warm up before they had their first game. We drew in this game and we had some amazing tries scored. We played two more games and we drew one and lost one. All of our children played with a smile on their faces and gave their all and were proud of representing Locking Primary School. They played as a team passing to each other and making sure everyone was involved in the game. We witness some great running, tries and team spirit and again our children made us so proud to be a part of our school.

Thank you to Worle school for hosting this event and to Mr Molland for organising this event.

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