Gold Award

Charlie and Thomas, 8 Dec 2017

We are very proud of Breck for winning the Gold Award, which was mostly won by our Sports Committee- well done!!

During 2016/2017 our school has won the Gold Award for their commitment to P.E. activities in and out of school. These activities include various sports- we are extremely proud of our school! 


Why did we win it ? 

     The Sports Committee have tried their best to upload all of the events which is the main reason we won this amazing award. 

What sports are we best at ?

       Breck is a very sporty so we a alright at all sports from speed stacking to football, we try to take on unique sports.

  Do we appreciate it ?

        We appreciate this award very much and we are  extremely generous of this Gold Award.

        Thank you  

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We are a medium-sized primary school of 323 pupils. The staff are all committed to making a difference to everyone in our school community by promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We are a ‘get up and give it a go’ school that encourages participation by all, regardless of ability.

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