Last Sports Ambassadors session

Carole Boulton, 14 Jun 2019

Our last week as Sports Ambassadors at Sketchley Hill

Last Sports Ambassadors session

This is what our year 6 team had to say about their time as Sports Ambassadors:


It has been a great experience to be a sports ambassador and the group was well behaved.

Sometimes we had fun lessons that all of the children liked but some lessons the group weren't keen on !

They all said they will play some of the activities at break with their friends.


I have really enjoyed being a sports ambassador and teaching children fun games to play with their friends.  It is great to know that they have enjoyed it. It has also given me confidence talking and teaching in front of children as at the start I wasn't that confident. 


I enjoyed teaching children different sports and showing them how to work in teams.  It is great to know that the children will go and play these games with their friends. It has also given me confidence to teach younger children 


Unfortunately there are no more sports leaders sessions. We have done lots of different activities with our groups during the year. We hope that all the children enjoyed them and will play them outside of school.


I have really enjoyed being a sports ambassador this year and I have also enjoyed sharing games with the younger children that they can share with their friends.  At first I wasn't very confident when doing the sessions with them however throughout the year I have become more confident. It is really good to know that they have all enjoyed the games we have played. 

Thank you to our fantastic Sports  Ambassadors from everyone at Sketchley Hill and we wish you every success at your next schools.

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