ACE cricket coaching

Mrs Paton, 22 Apr 2024

A fantastic opportunity to take part in this project with ACE coaching.

ACE cricket coaching

ACE. Is an acronym for Afro Caribbean Engagement and was a charity set up to enable-publishing from different ethnic backgrounds an opportunity that they might not normally have. 

We were invited to bring 30 students for a 6 week course and we said yes please. 

Honestly it has been amazing, all of our pupils have been totally engaged and their cricket knowledge and understanding has improved immensely. 

Sparken Hill Academy

At Sparken Hill, we are committed to helping every one of our pupils to achieve their best. We recognise the sporting strengths of each individual and work hard to develop these appropriately. We aim to ensure success for all and to create a healthy self-image. We feel that Physical Education plays an important role in helping us to fulfill this.

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