First win of the season

Sports Crew, 3 Oct 2022

Third game this season, lost 1 draw 1 and today we won 1.

First win of the season

Today after school we played football match at Haggonfields but it was against St Johns. 

we all played a lot better and I know the pitch was a bit smaller but it felt better and more passes and stuff. 

Harvey score a goal then Chudy scored and then w e scored another but the ref said it wasn’t , I felt sorry for Ethan because he was so happy he scored.  Then they scored so it was 2-1 but then Chudyscored again and it was 3-1 , but then they scored 3-2 ,. It was a bit scary but then we got 1 more so we win 4-2 😥 phew . 

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At Sparken Hill, we are committed to helping every one of our pupils to achieve their best. We recognise the sporting strengths of each individual and work hard to develop these appropriately. We aim to ensure success for all and to create a healthy self-image. We feel that Physical Education plays an important role in helping us to fulfill this.

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