Meet our Crew

Sports Crew, 4 Dec 2019

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about us!

Meet our Crew

Luke - Head


Hi my name is Luke and I like football I play for a team called Boro Rangers yellows. I am also a part of Sports Crew and I like being in Sports Crew because we meet up every Wednesday,  but what I like most about sports crew is we have nice people in sports crew and we do a good job in sports crew. I enjoy organising events and activities for others and get everyone involved. 

Christian - Deputy 


Hello, my name is Christian and my role is deputy leader of sports crew. The other members of Sports Crew are Luke, Lottie, Alfie, Maya and Frankie. Outside of School I Play football with Alfie from sports crew and the team I play for is Marton Royals U10S and we are in divison 2 which is the blue league. In my free time when I am not doing sports or spending time with my family I like to play video games.

Frankie - Media


Hello my name is Frankie and I am part of sports crew. My role in sports crew is media, I enjoy sports crew because it is very fun and gives me a role in school. I enjoy playing sports especially football. I also like to draw in my spare time. The other members of sports crew Is Luke, Maya, Christian, Alfie and Lottie. I play for Cleveland juniors FC and play in defence and goal. I like to play on my ps4 for fun. I also like to spend time with my family and my favourite holiday is Christmas. 

Alfie - Media


My name is Alfie and I am apart of year 5 Sports Crew team.

My role in our Sports Crew is to organize new and fun game for our school 

St Edwards RC. Outside of my school,  I like to play football. 

I play for Marton Royals U10s my position is Right Winger and I really enjoy it.

Also, Christian who is also in Sports Crew, plays for my football

Team. I also like to play video games . I enjoy sports crew because it is fun to make and organize fun

games and activities for other children to try out and enjoy them.

My most favourite sport to play is football because I like to show good teamwork to everyone I play with on the pitch.

The other people who are in Sports Crew are Luke, Christian, Frankie,

Lottie, Maya and me.

Lottie - Competitions


Hello, my name is Lottie and I am a member of the sports crew . I really like playing sports games and doing activities . My favourite sports is hockey , rock climbing and cross country . In sports crew my role is competitions along with Maya . My favourite subjects are PE and art.

Maya - Competitions 


Hello my name is Maya and I am in the sports crew and I am in it because I like to do sports and now I would like to make more sports and more after school clubs like: dancing, hockey and much more! Also I would like more people to be included in all the sports in school life. Also my role is competitions along with Lottie. 

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