Summer athletics competition

Miss Kiely, 10 Jul 2019

On a very warm Thursday, we went to the athletics competition. We prepared ourselves by doing lots of activities with boom sports, but mostly with our wonderful teacher Miss Kiely.

Summer athletics competition

  To help us win this competition we did lots of things for example the Daily Mile, Hit training and PE. When we arrived at the track we practised the long jump, triple jump and 80m sprint. Before the competition we did some exercise to stretch our muscles so that we can be ready for the competition. 

We had fantastic trainers and we worked hard to win this competition and even if everyone was tired we never gave up and we were growing stronger and stronger.

Everyone did something different and we came 1st or 2nd. Krzys, Mark, Weronika and Kethmi did the long jump. The triple jump was done by Hannah, Zuzia , Tyler, Cuidar. The javelin and the shot push were done by Joshua, Nathaniel, Arabella, Aisha, Ksawery Michalina, Hannah C and Kevin. The competition was very challenging and at the end we had to do the racing! There was the 80m, 100m, 150m and the 600m sprint. Everyone did a fantastic job and we were proud of our school.

In the 80m, 100m, 150m and the 600m sprint we came 1st and some people came 2nd or 3rd.When the winners were announced everyone was nervous. Then our school was surprised that we won 1st place! Every school deserved it and everyone was working hard. We are so happy that we won! 

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