Year 5 & 6 athletics competition

Miss Kiely, 7 Feb 2020

Athletics competition

Year 5 & 6 athletics competition

On Wednesday 15th Jan 12 students, six boys and six girls all attended an indoor athletics competition at Greenford high. The competition consisted of 11 events such as javelin, 1-6 lap races, speed bounce, vertical jump etc. The events required one boy and one girl to participate to make each event fair. During the competition we very impressed with our determination and teamwork  to get third place overall out of six schools. Max did extremely well in javelin winning that event by throwing a length of eleven meters. In addition, we were also very proud to Matteus since he represented the school in a positive manner. The other highlight of the day was watching them do their relay races, just seeing their determination and persistence to catch up with our opponents if we fell behind as well as seeing the smiles on all of our faces when we won their races. All in all the day was a success since we were able to showcase our athletic ability and most of all have fun. 

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