Year 3 Skipping Challenge

Class 3, 14 Dec 2017

Class 3 have been working on their skipping ready for the challenge.

Year 3 went onto the playground and warmed up their muscles ready for the challenge. We split into two groups some of us practised our own skipping the rest tried skipping as a group. In the group we managed to get 4 people and the highest score was 6 skips. We are going to keep working on this.

The individual competition was very tense. We thought Shai was going to win , he managed 69 skips in a minute. What a performance! All of a sudden we were amazed and everyone was cheering Lois on, she had over taken Shai. Shai showed great spirit and attitude as he cheered Lois on too. We were extremely shocked when Lois finally stopped and took the lead with 95 skips in a minute. We all said " Well done".

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