Fabulous Football

Dennis Mulville and James Bonilla, 31 Jan 2018

At Frodsham Leisure Centre, some year 5's/6's took part in a Small School's Football tournament on the 18th of January.

Mr Miller and Mrs McKay dropped them off at the leisure centre. Because it was raining, they went to the indoor football centre where the SGO explained the rules.. After that, they were straight on the pitch for their first match. Sadly they lost 0-3. During the second game, Joe scored leaving them with a final score of 1-3 in that match. In the next game they lost 1-7 with Dennis scoring their point. They went into the next game thinking they needed to get a point- that is what they did. Harry scored, Nathan scored and James- 3-3 - they're first draw. The confidence from drawing that game meant they finally got a win. In the last match it was 3-1 with James, Dennis and Joe scoring. At the end of all their matches they came 4th  with 4 points and nearly got a bronze medal.

Here is a tot up of the goals scored and their assists:

1.  James-2 goals                                                                  1.  Paul-4 assists        

2.  Dennis-2 goals                                                                 2.  James-2 assists 

3.  Joe-2 goals                                                                         3.  Dennis-1 assist

4.  Harry-1 goal                                                                      4.  Aaron-1 assist

5.  Nathan-1 goal

Players- James, Paul, Harry, Dennis, Joe, Hope, Sarah, Ella, Nathan, Aaron

Well done everyone!

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