Parish complete their season with a stunning victory!

Mr ANDERSON, 31 Mar 2018

Parish beat W.W.A. with a comprehensive win

Parish complete their season with a stunning victory!

After weeks of training and matches between September and Octoiber and then again between February and March it was time for the final match of the season.

Levellings was looking splendid as the two teams and the town's top referee took to the pitch. Parish knew that they had to win this game to keep the pressure on Scotter if they wanted to win the league. With an attacking formation Parish wasted no time in exerting their authority and were 1-0 up within 2 minutes! Parish sent wave after wave of attack forward and were soon 3-0 up. Half-time came and Parish were brimming with confidence. In fact 2 minutes after the re-start they had scored again to make it 4-0. Parish could then relax and they let WWA back into the game who scored a great goal to make it 4-1. Parish had to have the final say and scored just before the end to make it 5-1 and the final whistle went. Parish had done all they could and had finished the season it grand style!

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