Welcome to our PE Apprentice Mr Woodall

Miss Freeman, 4 Sep 2020

Hello Windhill21! Welcome to another academic year! I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your summer break after the most unusual academic year in history! This year we are very lucky to welcome another staff member to the PE team! Mr Woodall will be teaching PE with Miss Freeman. I have spent a bit of time interviewing Mr Woodall to find out some very important information about him continue reading below.

Mr Woodall Interview

Miss Freeman: What are your favourite sports? 
Mr Woodall: Football and athletics
Miss Freeman: What events do you compete in for athletics?
Mr Woodall: 200m and 400m
Miss Freeman: Are you as fast as Usain Bolt?
Mr Woodall: No, not quite!
Miss Freeman: Do you have any pets? 
Mr Woodall: I have a dog she is called Poppy. 
Miss Freeman: What are you looking forward to the most when working at Windhill21?
Mr Woodall: Getting to know all the students and teaching lots of different sports.


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