Approaches to Competition: Research

Removing Barriers to Sport is one of the six six strategic objectives for the Youth Sport Trust.

The Youth Sport Trust aims to support schools, clubs and families to remove the causes of negative experiences in sport for young people and to ensure youth sport in the UK is inclusive, accessible and fun. Insight gained from the Girls Active programme identified that the over emphasis on competition in sport is a challenge for some young people. This led to the Youth Sport Trust Research and Insight team conducting desk research to explore possible alternative competition formats.

Utilising the desktop research findings, and in light of The School Games review in 2016 recommendation (below), the Youth Sport Trust, funded by the Sport England National Lottery, launched a pilot project to evaluate the feasibility of conducting alternative competition formats through the School Games Organiser network with the overarching aim of increasing young people’s participation in sport and physical activity.

‘Formats, guidance and training support across all levels of the School Games will be refreshed to ensure they fully support the ambitions of ‘Towards an active nation’ and in particular: engender a sense of competence, promote enjoyment regardless of youngsters’ level of ability and avoid negative/bad experience of competitive school sport. 

The research documents from the pilot and a summary document of the desk research from the Youth Sport Trust can be viewed on the right-hand side alongside the launch of #ReframeCompetition. 

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