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Posted 27th May 2022

Highlights: Chance to Shine Day, Walk to School Week Power Up Challenge, The Baton Relay, School Sports Crew voice heard, intraschool competitions and the Play and Movement Mentors expanding their roles! New Sports tried at the Jubilee Celebration Day

Super Spring 2

Posted 31st March 2022

What a busy half term this has been! New community links, curriculum links, a commando and competitions!

Week 5 Spring 1 Already!

Posted 2nd February 2022

Wow, what a fast few weeks! With plenty of super active endeavours to get excited about!

Christmas is Coming

Posted 13th December 2021

Christmas is approaching and that has inspired some great Active opportunities!

Awesome Autumn 2 Start ⭐️

Posted 12th November 2021

Some exciting starts to the second half of the Autumn term.

Super Learning Day and Back to out of school experiences!

Posted 20th October 2021

Competition is back and we have our first Eldoners to be selected for Preston School Under 11 Football team! WOW!

Growing Together, New Clubs and the European School Sports Day

Posted 27th September 2021

We are 27 days into September and so much to report already. Themed lessons, Clubs, and ESSD!

Sports Day 🌞Happy Days

Posted 20th July 2021

Sports Day ⚽️🎾and the PE CPD for all Eldon teaching staff

Green space and a track for Eldon 💚

Posted 28th June 2021

Active Learning day, NSSW and the launch of the track 😁

Climbing mountains - self reflection - Year 6 Sport Education .... and something exciting is coming

Posted 7th May 2021

The children are enjoying the sunshine with opportunities in lessons and at breaks, with the return of the active aces.

Great to be back

Posted 12th March 2021

P.E. reflections - what was fun? what was challenging? what can I use in wider life / relevant to me? (personally significant)

World Record Holder John Farnworth's Challenge for Eldoners

Posted 16th February 2021

Massive thanks to Miss Frew for making this happen!

Harry inspires, part of a super Story Telling Week at Eldon

Posted 8th February 2021

The P.E. with Stories Day as part of a whole school wonderful week devoted to National Story Telling Week inspired many of the children to #BelikeHarry

Dojo Signposting and Excellent Eldoners

Posted 2nd February 2021

Whether they are in school learning or learning from home Eldoners know movement in medicine and exercise is an elixir!

Amazing Active Milers

Posted 9th December 2020

A week of walking, running, scooting and cycling

Beating barriers and prioritising P.E.

Posted 13th November 2020

Getting creative to keep kids active

European School Sport Day 25th September

Posted 25th September 2020

How we are boosting our immunity by getting up and getting active especially today!

Class Acts through Class Dojo

Posted 3rd April 2020

Eldon Learners are inspired to move

Challenging times and recent celebrations

Posted 20th March 2020

Just as we prepare to close to most of our pupils we want to celebrate some recent successes and share some of our strategies to keep our kids moving :)

Super Spring News

Posted 14th February 2020

Fencing, fun, and healthy lifestyle choices!

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