Beating barriers and prioritising P.E.

Mrs Perry, 13 Nov 2020

Getting creative to keep kids active

Beating barriers and prioritising P.E.

We've been working closely with our SGO Harriet Waring to overcome some of the covid related conundrums that have been blocking our way. By this time in the Autumn term there traditionally has been a plethora of opportunity presented to the children here at Eldon. We value P.E. and recognise the vast benefits Physical Education offers,  so here are some of the ways we have sustained the opportunities we have historically presented to the children, along with a few novel new practices which have sprung up too. 

P.E. and Active Learning Ready! 

All the children now arrive in school wearing their P.E. kits. We have found this to be great,  in that no time is wasted in chasing up kit or in changing. Pupils are ready to be active at any time of the day too - which is helpful for class teachers when they wish to incorporate active learning into the school day. We are even planning to continue this once changing in school is deemed to be safe again. 

Virtual Competitions : 

  • We have complemented P.E. lessons by presenting opportunities for intra school competition and interschool competition, by picking up on some of the competition formats that Harriet has put our way. 
  • Year 1 and 2 have been remembering and sequencing movements in their lessons whilst simultaneously competing in the Gymnastics Competition.
  • Key Stage 2 pupils have pursued their personal bests and analysed their performances while taking part in the Sports Hall Athletics Pentathlon Competition. 
  • We have also participated in the football, and orienteering competitions in extra curricular clubs too

Little Leaders

  • Year 1 and Year 2 pupils would normally have the guidance of Playleaders during their lunchtimes. Happily some of the Year 1 and 2 pupil have stepped up and have been leading their own games and activities! Including skipping, ball bouncing and some traditional playground games. 
  • Over on the junior yard Year 5 have been leading each other in agility and speed activities using both the ladders and the hurdles. 

P.E. Clubs

 The children all have designated days during which they have an afternoon  P.E. session after this we provide an optional after school P.E. club for those children who can attend.  This is possible as the children remain in their bubbles and the club is continuation of their school day. As the clubs have a flexible format,  we are having great fun consolidating learning from in class and having a go at some of the virtual competitions provided for us by Harriet. 

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