Change for Life Festival

Miss McNeely, 27 Sep 2018

We did 60 minutes of exercise and did not even realise!!

Change for Life Festival

On Tuesday 25th of September, 8 children from years 3&4 travelled to our SGO hub to take part in a Change for Life Festival.

We had a group of very nervous children at the start, but a warm up of 'Beans, beans, beans' and soon the smiles appeared. There were 4 other schools who also participated. The children  were split into mixed school groups and the activities began! The children took part in a game called Messy bedrooms, target throwing, dribbling/shooting a basketball and rugby tag. After 60 minutes of fun, meeting new friends and trying their very hardest the children came together to celebrate their achievements. 

Aaliyah from year 4 was awarded with a medal and a certificate because she showed great self belief. Thank you to the Year 7 Sports Leaders from Prendergast Ladywell who led our games and Miss Modeste who organised the event!!

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At Holy Trinity, we strive to create a culture which aims to inspire an active generation to enjoy PE, encourage each other and achieve. We provide a safe and supportive environment for children to flourish, using a range of different physical activities which are essential in supporting their physical, emotional, spiritual, social and moral development

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