Primary Panathlon

Miss Letchford, 14 Nov 2019

On Thursday 7th November, 6 children from KS1 and KS2 went to Coopers Secondary School to take part in an inclusive festival, the Bromley Primary Panathlon. This is the first time that Unicorn have entered a team into this event, so we didn't quite know what to expect. The children had to compete in a number of exciting games including Boccia Blast, Kurling, Poly Bat and Parachute Popcorn.

The Unicorn team was made up of children from different year groups: Troy (Year 2); Michael (Year 3); and Coco, Caleb, Tyla and Joe (Year 5).  All of the team thoroughly enjoyed the morning and played brilliantly.  Mrs Dodd and Mrs Denis, who accompanied the team, were impressed with the group’s teamwork skills and how well they behaved throughout the morning.  A special mention goes to Joe who won an award for demonstrating the value ‘Courage’.

Unicorn Primary School

Unicorn Primary School opened in 2003 and has grown into a two-form entry school which is part of the Compass Academy Trust. We have high expectations for each and every one of the children within our care irrespective of their ability or background. All our children are expected to work hard and challenge themselves to be the very best that they can be. It is our intention to ensure that our children develop a love for learning that will remain with them throughout their life.

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