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Y4 Boys Football Team Come 2nd In Rotherham Primary School Finals Day

Posted 25th April 2022

The Y4 Boys Football Team just fall short in the final of the Rotherham Primary School Cup.

Y3 Come 1st And 2nd In the ACET Matball Tournament

Posted 25th April 2022

Y3 Zebras and Y3 Bears both play fantastically and come 1st and 2nd in their first ACET competition.

Y4 Boys Get Through To Rotherham Finals Day

Posted 16th March 2022

The Y4 Boys Football Team travelled to Wickersely for the Rotherham School Tournament.

Latest Competitions and Fixtures

Posted 14th February 2022

WJA have taken part in 2 fixtures recently and doing extremely well. The Y5/6 squad of 20 went to the School Games Sports Hall Athletics and 2 Y4 teams participated in a small football tournament against Ballifield.

Whole School High Knees Challenge

Posted 24th January 2022

The Sports Council ran another whole school challenge. This time it was to see how many High Knees a class can do at break and lunch time.

Sports Council Meeting 10/1/2022

Posted 13th January 2022

On Monday the Sports Council had another meeting to discuss what the next whole school challenge will be, that they would be leading some warm ups within PE lessons and a task that they need to do.

Waverley Junior Academy vs Stradbroke Primary School Basketball Fixture

Posted 10th January 2022

At the end of last half term Waverley Junior Academy had its first ever school fixture. This was brilliant to be a part of, as due to COVID and other logistics, we have been unable to take part in events of fixtures thus far.

January and the Start of Two New Sports, More Swimming Opportunities and More.

Posted 10th January 2022

January brings with it the start of two new sports, more swimming opportunities, more lunch time clubs and hopefully more fixtures.

2020/2021 Sports Council's Last Project

Posted 27th September 2021

Before changing the Waverley Junior Academy Sports Council for the new academic year, the 2020/2021 Sports Council completed their final project. This was linked to the Waverley Community Scarecrow Competition. The Sports Council aided in the making of our sporting scarecrows, which were based on Olympic and Paralympic athletes. We helped make the scarecrow and decided on which athletes we should base them on. This was a brilliant last project for the 2020/2021 sports council and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Introduction for WJA PE for 2021/2022 and the new Sports Council

Posted 27th September 2021

This blog will outline the aims of WJA PE for this year, as well as the introduction of the new Sports Council.

WJA Skipathon

Posted 23rd June 2021

WJA Skipathon! Getting the whole school active through a challenge.

Sports Council Second Meeting & Star Jump Challenge

Posted 23rd June 2021

The Sports Council met again in June, where we discussed our next whole school challenge.

Waverley Junior Academy Sports Council

Posted 1st February 2021

The introduction to Waverley Junior Academies Sports Council.

Introduction to School Games

Posted 26th November 2020

Introduction to School Games for Waverley Junior Academy.

Waverley Junior Academy

Waverley Junior Academy is a brand new primary school which opened in September 2020.

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