Whole School - Darren Dance Days 11th October 2021

Miss Williams, 23 Feb 2022

Dance Days -Whole school workshop. Dance Days provide fun and educational dance workshops for schools.

Whole School - Darren Dance Days 11th October 2021

On the 11th October 2021, the children at Blenheim were given the opportunity to work with Darren, from Darren Dance Days. 

The children in years Reception through to Year 6 were provided with a specific dance workshop that was tailored to their curriculum theme. 

Reception - Diwali 

Year 1 - The U.K 

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London 

Year 3 - Bollywood 

Year 4 - The Tudors 

Year 5 - The Victorians 

Year 6 - Line Dancing 

 The dance workshop was brilliant!! All the children and teachers enjoyed themselves, Darren the dance instructor,  made it very enjoyable and engaging, allowing all pupils to have fun and feel part of something very special.  

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