Sheffield Schools Get Active 2022 Awards

BA, 21 Oct 2022

Tuesday 5th July 2022

Sheffield Schools Get Active 2022 Awards

We are delighted to announce that Hunter’s Bar Juniors were awarded the School Games Award  (Westfield School Games Hub) at the recent Sheffield Schools Get Active Awards. The evening was a celebration of Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity taking place across Sheffield Schools this year, with a brilliant opening speech by Rachael Mackenzie (World Thai Boxing Champion & ABA England Boxing Silver Medallist).

As an acknowledgment of all the hard work, staff and pupils were invited to the awards evening which was held at the English Institute of Sport on Tuesday 5th July 2022.

Mr. Adebola was presented with an award, which was to celebrate the success of our school across the academic year. Although there are 17 categories a school can be nominated in, this award is one that is chosen by the SGO’s (School Games Organisers) meaning that four School Games Awards are given out for each Hub and schools are selected rather than nominated.

Hunter's Bar Junior School

We provide the children of Hunter's Bar with a rich and diverse PE curriculum to best meet the requirements of the national curriculum. Hunters Bar Junior School-Igniting Lifelong Learning

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