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Forest school summer 2 Highlight reel and Brightstars

Posted 2nd November 2021

Check out all the amazing work our pupils across pulled together for the Brightstars campaign and our Year 6 Forest school Highlight reel!

Forest school Autumn 1 2021 Highlight Reel

Posted 2nd November 2021

Check out what happened over Autumn 1 in our new and exciting forest school programme!

Bransty Summer 1 Forest school Update

Posted 24th May 2021

What a busy 6 weeks in our Forest school adventures at Bransty! Beltane, The green man, Tinka Tinka, Primitive tool crafts, Bow building, planting trees.... I could go on! Check out the highlight video for a recap and a half!

Spring Term 2021 Forest school round up

Posted 30th March 2021

Can you believe we have finshed our spring term already! Check out our wee highlight video from our Forest school antics during the spring term 2021. Here is to looking forward to more adventures next term as we launch into the summer months!

PE and Mental Well-being - Week 2

Posted 4th March 2021

Its our final week with the Hub and Remote offering of PE! Today we want you where possible to use the afternoon slot of time to invest again in your physical and mental well being! YOU and YOUR brain are worth the investment!

PE and Mental Well-being - Week 1

Posted 24th February 2021

This Friday afternoon you have been given a longer slot than normal to access some PE and Well-being work! Take some time to explore the ideas inside after taking part in the 3 part PE lesson and see which of the other activities you will enjoy most! Enjoy having the extended time with the people around you to access todays content and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Posted 12th February 2021

Here are this Half Terms PE STARS @ BRANSTY!


Posted 10th February 2021

Welcome to Todays PE session. This session will take around 40 minutes and is split into 3 parts. Warm up with This and That. Final week Dance and movement challenge. Bransty Ball skill challenge featuring Mrs Mclean and Ms Tinnion. Today you will be exploring a theme for your dance which we discused in our reflection a few weeks ago - under the sea. You will be combining your new knowledge regarding travelling today and adding your past weeks learning of moving to the beat, sequencing movements together and using your body langauge to help convey feelings and emotions. If you are in school ask your teachers to film your class moving in your chosen ways to the music choice. If you are at home, ask a parent, carer or sibling to film you and upload onto Class dojo / showbie after your lesson ends. We want to see what you are doing at home and celebrate it too! The ball skill challenge has 2 parts this week - an easier one with Mrs Tinnion and a more complicated Brazilian toe touch with Mrs Mclean! Any highscores, videos or photos...get them posted online too! Have a fab lesson and enjoy!

Week 4 PE - Showing our emotions through Dance!

Posted 2nd February 2021

This weeks PE is part of our mental health awareness week! Today we are going to look at conveying , showing our emotion, through our body langauage, facial expressions and movement aka dance! Massive thank you to Bobby and Maya for joining us today leading parts of PE this week!


Posted 31st January 2021

EXPRESS YOURSELF! This week we focus on the importance of our Mental Health - come back each day for a new challenge and inspiration as we look to talk openly and honestly about the importance of understanding our own well-being!

Bransty PE Menu - Week 3

Posted 25th January 2021

Here are 5 more activities to get your teeth stuck into this week at home or in school!

KS2 Upper - Alternative PE choice - Week 3

Posted 25th January 2021

An alternative PE session for KS2 to do at home this week!


Posted 25th January 2021

Today we have a sporty twist to our Dance session in PE and we are joined by our guests Pixie and Kirsty Barton for a warm up game!


Posted 21st January 2021

What is all this talk about Forest schools... Jump in for more info about our grand plans for BRANSTY!


Posted 19th January 2021

Here is an alternative for this weeks DANCE PE for those in Upper KS2 who wanted something with a bit more bite!

Monday 19th of January - Weekly PE Menu - Number 2!

Posted 17th January 2021

Welcome to another week of FRESH and creative ideas for helping our pupils achieve their daily 60 minutes of physical activity each day! Hop in to discover 5 more ideas!

Bransty Primary PE - WEEK 2

Posted 17th January 2021

Today we will explore a new theme for our dance and call upon some familiar music to you all from the Animal kingdom!

Monday 11th of January - Weekly PE Menu

Posted 10th January 2021

Welcome to the first weeks edition of our PE menu. Each week we will post up 5 daily challenges to help you work towards your daily 60 minutes recommended exercise! We look forward to hearing from our pupils who let us know on class dojo how they are doing with it!


Posted 10th January 2021

This week we will look at the first part of our spring term PE - Dance and Gymnastics! Over the next few weeks we will be working together online and I cannot wait to see your progress at the end of the term!

KS1 PE - Week 1

Posted 10th January 2021

This week we will look at the first part of our spring term PE - Dance and Gymnastics! Over the next few weeks we will work together online! I cannot wait to see your progress at the end of term!

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