Sutton Schools #StayInWorkOut Challenge

An activity challenge for all Sutton primary schools to take part in to monitor engagement of pupils during the lockdown. Certificates will be awarded to pupils who take part most regularly & equipment prizes to be awarded to the highest scoring schools!

Sutton Schools #StayInWorkOut Challenge


We would love to see how active your pupils are during this lock down period. We are asking schools to send in results for a period of 6 weeks of your choosing, between now and the end of July. Certificates will be awarded to the most regularly active pupils and there will also be the chance to win sports equipment for the three highest achieving schools!!

STEP ONE: Send in results for a period of 6 weeks. Choose any 6 weeks from now until the end of the summer term.

STEP TWO: Record activity levels for pupils for 5 days of the week using either our record sheet or one of your own if you already have this in place.


STEP THREE: Access the google spread sheet and record your weekly results. Enter numbers for each age-group taking part if possible, but otherwise a grand total will also be acceptable.



STEP FOUR: Most active pupils in each school will be awarded certificates. (Please keep own records of this)

STEP FIVE: The top three performing schools will win a sports equipment package. (Evidence of pupil participation must be kept if you wish to be considered for these prizes).

Please still take part even if you can only manage a week or two, the data will still be very useful to us.

We really hope that you will take part in this promotion so we can record pupil activity levels during this lock down period!!!

John Fisher (Sutton) SGO Area

Hello, A warm welcome from the Sutton School Sports Partnership. The SGO works closely alongside the Sutton SSP which is formed from the 2 original Sports College Hub sites, The John Fisher School in Purley and Carshalton Boys Sports College in Carshalton. The SGO role is based at CBSC and the other members of the partnership are based at Cheam Common Junior Academy. We are all qualified and experienced teachers with a broad range of skills ranging from EYFS to KS5. We work closely with 45 primary and infant schools, 16 secondary schools and 5 special schools in London Borough of Sutton. For full list of calendar updates for Sutton please go to -