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Sporty Spacey would like to introduce you to the AVSSP. Charlie Wildman is the School Games Organiser who is based at Woodford Valley CE Primary Academy. Our Mission:- Our mission is to keep competitive sport at the heart of Schools and provide more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

My area covers - Tidworth, Pewsey, Marlborough, Amesbury, Durrington.

Competition Time

School Games - level 2 &3 competitions 

The amount of competitions has been reduced in comparison to previous years as you will see from the list below:

Primary = Football, Tri Golf, Quadkids, Orienteering, Boccia and New Age Kurling

Secondary = Super 8's Athletics, Girls Touch Rugby, Girls Rounders, Boys Dodgeball, Boccia and New Age Kurling

Please note that SGOs are working hard to potentially run our own county events in some of the sports that are now not provided for.

My aim for this year is to offer the following School Games and Non-School Games festivals and competitions. For the Non-School Games events there will be a Buy-In agreement in order for schools to participate. 

Term 1

Personal challenge

Primary Football - Yr3/4 & Yr5/6 (mixed & small schools / girls)

Primary Boccia - KS2 (SEND)

Secondary Netball - Yr7/8 & Yr9/10 girls

Secondary Football - Yr7/8 boys

Term 2

Personal challenge

Primary New Age Kurling - KS2 (SEND)

Primary Netball - Yr5&6 (B/C teams, small schools)

Primary Cheerleading - Yr3/4 (not engaged in traditional sports)

Santa Dash

Secondary New Age Kurling - KS3 (SEND)

Secondary Rugby - Yr7 boys (B/C teams)

Secondary Badminton  - KS3/KS4 (not engaged in traditional sports)

Term 3

Personal Challenge 

Primary Swimming  - Yr5&6 (not engaged in traditional sports)

Primary Hockey - Yr5&6 (B/C teams, small schools)

Primary Orienteering - KS1/Yr3&4 (not engaged in traditional sports)

Primary Gymnastics - KS2 (not engaged in traditional sports)

Secondary Table Tennis

Term 4

Personal challenge

Primary Tag Rugby - Yr5&6 (B/C teams / small schools)

Primary Tri-golf - Yr4&5 (B/C teams)

Primary Dance - all ages

Primary Gymnastics

Secondary Gymnastics - KS3 girls

Secondary Touch Rugby - Yr7&8 (B/C teams / girls)

Term 5

Personal Challenge

Primary Orienteering - Yr5&6 (B/C teams)

Primary Cricket - KS2 (B/C teams / girls)

Secondary Quadkids - Yr7&8 (B/C teams, Marl)

Term 6

Personal Challenge

Primary Quadkids - Yr5&6 (B/C teams & SEND, small schools)

Primary Mini marathon - cluster events

Secondary Rounders - Yr7/8 & Yr9/10 girls


Virtual competitions - there will be one per term. Each of the 6 areas will have two activities and video resources and all information will be available on the SG website.

Term 1 - Athletics

Term 2 - Invasion

Term 3 - Combat

Term 4 - Target

Term 5 - Net / Wall

Term 6 - Striking & Fielding

Wiltshire are also continuing to host School Games 


We are very excited this year to be receiving investment in order to help us link intra and inter School Games activity to the Commonwealth Games legacy work.

Sports Leaders

Schools can be offered support in the development of sports leadership within their school.

1. Sports Leaders Course

2. Organising Competitions

These can be for you to deliver sports leader training either at school or virtual or I can come to your school and deliver the session (this would be a whole day course)

3. SIS powerpoint where you can access the videos and work booklet

Participation Award

Download the form where pupils can colour in a smiley face for each 10 minutes of physical activity they do to try and get the 60 minutes per day. There is a Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate to be earnt over a week

60 Active Minutes

Each pupil should be getting plenty of activity at school per day.

This can be divide in to three categories:

Active Learning – lessons are adapted to combine movement and learning to promote cross curricular learning

Active Breaks - designed to provide pupils the opportunity to engage in physical activity

Keep activity breaks short 1-5 minutes, perform 2-3 times a day

Use music to help motivate – make sure it is appropriate to the age group, keep it up beat. It is a good way to signal the beginning and end of the break. Also helps with the pacing

Active Environment – activities allowing pupils to be more active within their daily routine

School Games Review and Health Check

A presentation of the questions you will be asked

Social Media

We have a Facebook page - AVSSP where we post all results re our competitions and festivals. It is also a great source to find resources, information, signposting, as well as to share sporting successes with each other. We would love you to send in anything sporty or active -  challenges completed, successes to share.

Please get in touch via facebook or  [email protected]

We work closely with:

WASP (Wiltshire and Swindon Sports Partnership)  https://www.wiltssport.org

Alma Borthwick - Project Officer for Wiltshire School Games - [email protected]

They have produced some activity cards that have been attached

Youth Sport Trust https://www.youthsporttrust.org

Rachel Bowen - Inclusion Lead - [email protected]

Rachel has designed some weekly activity sheets these are attached

Useful Links

YST online inclusive CPD opportunities :     1)TOPSportsability (Code : YSTINCLUSION48) 2) All About Autism, All About Me (E-learning- 3 modules) - ystautismcourse.org/login.php    Schools/parents etc can access them. They do not need to be YST members. Just register and create a password.

Change 4 Life https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/about-change4life - activity cards attached 

Supermovers -   https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers 

Cbeebies (Andy’s wild workouts) - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06tmmvz 

Jump start Jonny - https://www.jumpstartjonny.co.uk 

Cosmic kigs yoga - https://www.cosmickids.com 

Just dance - https://justdancenow.com 

10 minute shake up C4L - https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up

Fa Skills challenge super kicks - www.thefa.com/get-involved/the-fa-superkicks 

Move Crew Nike - https://ukactivekids.com/movecrew/

England Netball have launched [email protected] which is an extension of Bee Netball. There are activities that all the family can take part in to stay active at home. A new video is released each week on the England Netball website and can also be found on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ7tt5cW7wxQb-cnYDOzZXdMg9ir-SoXj

Apps - The School Games Active Championships is a national activity campaign to help young people across the UK to #StayInWorkOut using the video-based platform powered by TopYa!. New challenges will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to engage with. Primary and secondary-aged children can join the School Games Active Championships at any time with free active challenges being set via videos within a designated School Games version of the TopYa! Active app. All they need to do is download the app, register as a player and type in the Invite Code 23880. 

Avon Valley's SGOs

Charlie Wildman
[email protected]

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