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We are based at Hamstead Hall Academy in Handsworth, Birmingham. Our School Games Partnership has a membership of 7 Secondary schools and 28 Primary schools. We aim to provide and support every school to participate regularly in intra and inter school games competitions, festivals and participation events. We originally started in 2001 as a School Sport Co-ordinator Programme, linked to Sports Colleges. In 2010 we became a School Games Partnership supporting the National provision for School Games.

Since March 2020 we have continued to support schools, children and their families to stay physically active. 

Schools have the opportunity to use the Active8 Lunchtime Club and the 100Club activities to support their ability to provide 60 active minutes everyday for every child to participate in. Copies of these can be found in our resources.

Leading up to Christmas 2020 we have the Active Advent Calendar - hope you enjoy the activities.

This term there has been a number of virtual competitions and festivals for schools and their children to get involved in. 

If you like a personal physical challenge visit www.sgochallenge.com or individual and family fun - add your results and you could be in with a chance to win a special prize.

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