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We are based at Hamstead Hall Academy in Handsworth, Birmingham. Our School Games Partnership has a membership of 7 Secondary schools and 28 Primary schools. We aim to provide and support every school to participate regularly in intra and inter school games competitions, festivals and participation events. We originally started in 2001 as a School Sport Co-ordinator Programme, linked to Sports Colleges. In 2010 we became a School Games Partnership supporting the National provision for School Games.

Hamstead Hall School Games Partnership offers a variety of competitions, festivals and participation events throughout the academic year.

In addition to organising competitions, we support schools to develop young leaders in their schools who then support local events as well as provide schools with additional opportunities to provide 30 active minutes within the school day as suggested by the Chief Medical Officer.

Schools have a remit to provide 30 active minutes daily, the Hamstead Hall School Games Organiser helps local schools to promote, develop and deliver appropriate active learning across all curriculum subjects. 

Our School Games Organiser also works with schools to identify the least active young people in their environment and works with school staff to develop  Change4Life Clubs or similar physical activity clubs to engage the least active children in regular and sustainable physical activity.

We act as a conduit for local providers of physical activity to work collaboratively with local schools to provide enhanced opportunities for all children.

For local schools, staff, parents, volunteers and coaches professional development opportunities are available including making your school more active, P.E curriculum support linking to Your School Games competitions, Young Leaders training, Active Schools, Active Maths, Active Literacy plus many other opportunities.

Hamstead Hall School Games Partnership provides support to schools in their development of Change4Life Clubs and similar clubs to engage the least active young people in their school.

During all work we aim to promote, reinforce and develop the school games values of Respect, Determination, Self-belief, Teamwork, Honesty and Passion. At all times the aim is to share the values and make links to each partner school’s ethos and values.

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