Fun Friday Key Stage 2 Physical Active Home Work Out 3rd April 2020

Here is a series of Physical Activities for children in Years 3 to 6. The personal challenge can be done at any time in the day but you could start off completing it. You will then be able to develop a number of challenging skipping actions working on improving your co-ordination, agility, balance and speed

You could design and make some bronze, silver and gold medals to give to members of your family when they complete this challenge.

Now for some skipping activity - this is a great way to develop your agility, co-ordination, balance, footwork and fitness levels.

If you do not have a skipping rope you can do the activities over a rolled up towel, a flat stick, bamboo cane, line between paving stones etc.

Make sure you place your rope etc down in a safe place where you will not fall, crash into anything etc.

For those of you who are good at skipping try some or all of the following skipping skills

Have lots of fun.

When you work hard it is important to cool down and stretch the muscles you have worked.

Skipping is a whole body work out so all your muscles need to be stretched to help them recover after a work out. This also prevents you from feeling stiff and sore after physical exercise.

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