Christmas Active Advent Calendar

Here's a fun way to prepare for Christmas 2020 Challenge yourself or others - make it festive by dressing up as your favourite Christmas character - please share on twitter include @yourschoolgames and @hamsteadhallsgo #BackToSchoolGames

Christmas Active Advent Calendar

Get Set for Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar 

Starting today (Monday 7th December 2020) open an icon every day to reveal a simple fun activity to complete during your day.

Complete activity either by completing 100 repetitions or 100 seconds during the day 

For those who want to do more complete each activity 2 to 3 times throughout the day

For those of you who like a competitive challenge - challenge a friend or family member and see how many you can do in 100 seconds

To make things more festive dress as your favourite Christmas character and share pictures on Twitter using @yourschoolgames and @hamsteadhallsgo

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