Dorset School Games - Virtual Competitions

Some NEW competitions for you to do with children at school and for students to do at home!

Dorset School Games - Virtual Competitions

Dorset School Games will be launching some brand new virtual competitions. These will be in a variety of activities or themed around sports. They will be available for all students to get involved with whether they are  back in school during their PE lessons, or if they are trying to keep active at home.

The Virtual Competitions will be available for families and students to download from here 

School staff - I have sent you the entry forms, formats and scoring details in an email. Please contact me confirming me your interest and confirmed entry. 

The key message is that these events are designed to support schools in  your PE lessons and give your students high quality Physical Education. Importantly they are safe to do during COVID-19 with following the guidelines of social distancing, hygiene and sensible equipment sharing processes within bubbles or groups. 

However we appreciate that a lot of your students will still not be in school and we have thought carefully regarding the planning of these events and the majority of them can also be completed at home with some adaptions using STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People). 

The events Dorset School Games are running are as follows;

Home Pentathlon - 20th May - 12th June 

Cricket - 15th June - 26th June

Gymnastics - 15th June - 26th June

Tennis -  29th June - 10th July 

Football - 29th June - 10th July 

Poole SGO Area

Welcome to Poole School Games, my name is Sam Cox. I'm based at Carter Community School. I have been working as a School Games Organiser for 6 years and grew up in the Poole area myself. I love my job and take pride in it every day. We are trying to achieve our mission of providing opportunities for all in Sport, PE and physical activity so that all students can enjoy and succeed. Here in Dorset the School Games Organiser team have developed some fun games, resources, challenges and video's to ensure that we can keep active and healthy during this time of Isolation. These are some great ways to contribute towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.