Dorset Virtual Leadership Academy 2020/21

The Dorset Virtual Leadership Academy consists of a selection of pre-recorded workshops covering a variety of topics to provide training to young people on their leadership journey. The leadership academy offers a wide range of training to primary, middle, secondary and special schools and demonstrates the importance of developing young people to become the workforce of the future.

Dorset Virtual Leadership Academy 2020/21

The mission is to create a movement across schools unifying young leaders who  have a passion to champion sport, physical activity and play. Through a range of  leadership experiences, young people can acquire skills and learn behaviours,  which not only develop them as individuals but as drivers of change for others. 

The Virtual Leadership Academy will run alongside the face-to-face Dorset  Leadership Academy providing additional content for schools to access. The  workshops provide flexibility in the way leadership training is delivered. 

The  workshops have been created for teachers to use with groups of students in the  following strands – Young Leaders, Young Ambassadors, Young Coaches, Sports  Reporters and Wellbeing Mentors to create the next generation of leaders,  officials, coaches and role models.  

The workshops have been created by a diverse group of sports professionals  including athlete mentors such as Kate Grey and Aaron Phipps, along with PE  teacher, coaches and the School Games team. 

 We hope you enjoy using the workshops and we look forward to seeing you at  the next Dorset Leadership Academy event.  

For more information and to register for the Dorset Virtual Leadership Academy please click here