The Dorset Derby: North V South

For one week only the primary schools of North Dorset will do battle with our noisy neighbours in the South, the primary schools of the Bournemouth School Games area, in the 'North V South' Koboca Challenge to see who is the greatest!

The Dorset Derby: North V South

Date- 9am, Monday 26th – Friday 30th April, deadline 5pm.

Challenge- How many shuttle runs can you do in 60 seconds?  

Mark out a 5m distance with a cone/ marker at each end. Start your timer and run as many shuttles as you can in 60 seconds. Every time you reach a cone you get a point (there and back = 2 points). Keeping running until the 60 seconds is up.

Please look at my twitter for a demonstration video.

Year groups- All year's groups can take part (Reception- Year 6).

Participation - Can be done as part of your PE lessons, a lunchtime activity, an active break or within extra-curricular clubs. You can even set this as homework and parents can upload scores if you give them the event link (copy link on Koboca).

Uploading scores- you can bulk upload scores by downloading the CSV file, entering results, saving it and then uploading it. This allows you to list all classes on one excel sheet and upload your class scores in one go. A demonstration video of how to do this will be distributed to PE co-ordinators prior to the event demonstrating how to accomplish this.

- Don't forget, you will need to verify results coming in. But, if you do a CSV bulk upload, they are automatically verified.

League Tables- keep an eye on the league tables to see how your school compares to those in Bournemouth and North Dorset.

Support- show your support on social media by tagging me into your tweets at @NorthDorset_SGO and don't be afraid to let my Bournemouth SGO colleague know how well we're doing up here in the North by tagging her into your tweets using @SGO_Bournemouth.

Good luck everyone