The North Dorset Lockdown Leagues

A great way to get involved in inter-school competition and represent your school from the comfort and safety of your own home. Did you push your school to the top of the Lockdown League?

The North Dorset Lockdown Leagues

The North Dorset Lockdown Leagues were an initiative to encourage inter-school competition and physical activity during the Winter 2021 national lockdown.

The leagues took place on a virtual platform, Koboca, allowing each school in North Dorset to get involved and ran over a number of weeks with a different event involved each week.   Each school was able to send a unique link to its pupils allowing them to submit their entries which in turn transmitted their score into a LIVE league table.  

Five events took place over five weeks (Mon - Fri) from Monday 25th January up until Friday 5th March and featured a range of activities or challenges that could be safely performed at home with little or no equipment, or equipment which could easily be substituted for common household items. The challenges that featured were of the how many variety and comprised; a speed bounce event, around the world, target practice, toe taps with the final event being a combination of all previous challenges although this was timed against the clock.

Participation exceeded all expectations and saw a total of over 2,500 entries across the five events, with 1,798 children from 16 North Dorset Primary Schools taking part. 

Although each league was set up as a stand alone event, the positions in each weekly league carried forward into a grand table which determined an overall at the end of the lockdown.  This table saw St George's Primary School, Bourton crowned as the SUPREME WINNER.

The virtual platform turned out to be such a success that a North v South event is planned where the North Dorset Primaries will take on the Bournemouth area Primary schools in another virtual competition and Koboca is already planned to form a large part of the Dorset School Games MOVE IT WEEK in late June and will no doubt make other appearances in North Dorset throughout the Summer term.