The North Dorset Weekly Personal Challenge

A weekly physical personal challenge set by the North Dorset SGO to get you up and moving, raise the heart rate, test your balance or catching, all whilst making it fun and easy for all to join in with. #BeAtYourBEst to #beatyourbest

The North Dorset Weekly Personal Challenge

You'll be set a fairly straight forward,simple to understand physical task, that requires little or often no equipment; can be done in a small amount of time with not much space needed and most importantly, you only need yourself.  Welcome to the North Dorset weekly personal challenge.

The challenge is a simple way to get yourself up and moving.  It is designed for each participant to test themselves and set a benchmark that they can then aim to beat. It can be used as a warm up at the start of a P.E. lesson, as an active break during a classroom lesson (equipment & space permitting), as activities for lunchtime clubs, set as homework to improve physical literacy or simply as a challenge to motivate and increase confidence in pupils.  It also allows schools to answer positively on their School Games Mark application when asked 'do you provide opportunities for personal challenge within your school?'   The intention is that each participating child only competes against themselves, there are no class or age related norms to inform children if they are above or below average, they simply try to beat the score that they set themselves each time they attempt a challenge.

Past challenges have included 'can you balance on one leg for 30 seconds?', 'can you hold a plank position for 60 seconds?', 'how many times can you clap before catching a ball you've thrown up into the air?'.  Each challenge also shows several adaptations to increase or decrease the difficulty in an attempt to take differing abilities into account, such as using different sized balls, or beanbags, thereby making the challenges as accessible and inclusive as possible.

The challenge is set each weekend, usually ready for schools to access on a Monday morning and can be found on the North Dorset twitter feed at @NorthDorset_SGO (you can access the feed without having to set up an account on twitter) or by visiting the North Dorset SGO public profile pages here, where you can view the twitter feed and scroll through previous posts to see past challenges.

So ....  have a look .... pick a challenge and .... #BeAtYourBest to #beatyourbest