Bucks & MK Virtual School Games is NOW LIVE!

Today marks the launch of the Bucks & MK Virtual School Games! We are kicking off with a speed bounce! The Bucks & MK Virtual School games will provide weekly virtual challenges for young people across Bucks and MK to take part in and compete with others across the county. The virtual challenges will be an activity that can be done home, with minimal equipment and gives young people the opportunity to achieve their personal best and compete against other young people across Bucks and MK.

Bucks & MK Virtual School Games is NOW LIVE!

Each week an SGO from Bucks and MK will post a new challenge on Monday morning. They will demonstrate the activity and any rules. All you need to do is have a go, practise the challenge and then get someone in your household/teacher to video your attempt of the challenge.

Rememeber this can be adapted fully to meet your individual needs - why not step, walk or wheel across a line on the floor? Use your arms to cross the bodies midline?  Do what works for you - if you need support adapting, please feel free to contact me for further support and ideas.

If you would like to compete against other young people across the county, simply upload your attempt on any social media platform and use the hashtag #BMKVirtualSG.


To see full details on how to get involved, go to:


South Bucks SGO Area

The South Bucks SGO area and Sports Partnership is hosted by Alfriston School. Alfriston School is a special needs girl's school based in Beaconsfield. Alfriston is the Lead Inclusion School for Buckinghamshire and we believe in 'a sporting chance for every child'. We have a comprehensive calendar of School Games Inclusive competitions and festivals throughout the year and work with a number of County and community partners to bring about the best opportunities for staff and pupils in Bucks.