Virtual School Games in Bucks & MK and Intra-School Competition

You can still take part in the School Games - has your school signed up to our new County Virtual platform yet? We are using Playwaze to share our County Virtual Challenges with you. Find out more below.

Virtual School Games in Bucks & MK and Intra-School Competition

We may not be able to meet in person still for competitions and festivals BUT there are still so many opportunities to ensure your pupils can be involved in activities that either work on their Personal Best or instill some School Games Competitions values.

Check out our virtual offer and register your school on playwaze.


Why not use the Virtual Challenges to revive your Intra-School Competition? Or access the hundreds of free competition cards on your school games dashboard under sports.

Intra-School Competition

An intra-school competition is a sporting activity taking place between pupils who attend the same school. For example, this can be in the form of a class vs. class or house activity. 

Intra-House is a great way in current times to get pupils active, having fun and building resilience, and the best bit is that it can easily be done in bubbles.

Have you had some Intra-School competition but not added them to your School Games dashboard? Don't forgoet to log them on as evidence - need support? Contact me: [email protected]

South Bucks SGO Area

The South Bucks SGO area and Sports Partnership is hosted by Alfriston School. Alfriston School is a special needs girl's school based in Beaconsfield. Alfriston is the Lead Inclusion School for Buckinghamshire and we believe in 'a sporting chance for every child'. We have a comprehensive calendar of School Games Inclusive competitions and festivals throughout the year and work with a number of County and community partners to bring about the best opportunities for staff and pupils in Bucks.