A School Games Book for World Book Day

A School Games colleague in Solihull has written a children's book focusing on the 'Spirit of the Games' values which may help with World Book day (March 4th) so I thought I would share it with you.

A School Games Book for World Book Day

We hope the book will support young peoples understanding around the School Games 'Spirit of The Games' values. Included in the resource pack (link below) are:

  • Video recorded read aloud of the story with images from the book https://youtu.be/TMWUGt24Ky8
  • PDF of the book
  • Reading skills VIPERS resource from KS1 & KS2. Including pupil worksheets & teacher resource.
  • Physical Activity ideas to get active in school or at home linked to the story.
  • Cross curricular activity ideas linked to the story, including Geography, Art and History.
  • Social media images

All resources are downloadable here - https://we.tl/t-g9gJcQnrhr (expires 5th March). Beyond World Book day we would encourage schools to use the book during PE lessons that may have been cancelled due to poor weather and before completing a School Games reframed competition based on the school games values to support understanding. 

Enjoy reading.

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