Virtual 3K Competition

Do you want to see how your 3km time matches up against other schools from Bournemouth? Compete against students from schools in a virtual 3km race!

Virtual 3K Competition

How it works?

Plan a route, make sure you have a GPS watch or app on your phone to record your time.

Complete your run.

Once you have recorded your time, send your results to your PE lead.

You can submit a screenshot from apps such as Strava, Garmin connect, Nike running or Runkeeper.

Send your completed time to your PE lead.

Staff will enter it into your school spreadsheet/ google form. 


The competition runs from 22nd February to 30th March. 

Results announced 19th April

Categories are:

Year 7 Male and Female (separate) 

Year 8 Male and Female (separate) 

Year 9 Male and Female (separate) 

Year 10 Male and Female (separate) 

Senior (11-13) Male and Female (separate) 

Parents and Staff Male and Female (separate)


  • You can submit as many times as you want during this period. Try to beat your personal best.
  • You must run a distance of 3km using a gps watch or app on your phone. 
  • To submit your time, complete the form and send a screenshot of your distance and elapsed time. Suggested apps are: Strava, Garmin Connect, Nike Run club, Runkeeper (other apps will be accepted) 
  • Stay safe and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. Where possible, avoid running: a. Alone b. In the dark c. On busy roads d. In crowded areas. Always inform someone of your intended route before you leave

Entry numbers/ leading times will be updated fortnightly to allow for leader board to be uploaded when the information has been received from schools.

We will be providing our students with a weekly training plan (designed by Peter Thompson Avonbourne Academies school alumni 2:24 marathon pb, 44 marathons- 44 days- 44 countries, ran the Tour de France). This will be forwarded on to participating schools.

We look forward to seeing the results. 



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