Recommended Physical Activity Levels

Now that we beginning a New Year it is important to know where we are in relation to the activity levels in children and young people. This is demonstrated by the recent Active Lives survey, details below.

Recommended Physical Activity Levels

Active Lives Survey (CYP)

The latest report released on 9th December is here, a summary of which would include:

  • “Positively, the results provide further evidence that active children have higher levels of mental wellbeing and illustrate the role sport and physical activity can play in supporting them amid rising levels of loneliness and declining mental health during the pandemic. We also know that active children do better at school in attainment and achievement – so there's a dual benefit to taking part amid ongoing uncertainty.”
  • “The proportion of children and young people in England who are active remains unchanged compared to 12 months ago, although they are down 2.2%, or 94,000, compared to pre-pandemic levels (2018-19).”
  • “Worryingly, the new findings reveal that existing inequalities have been exacerbated and there’s also been a drop in activity levels for boys that brings them in-line with girls’ activity levels, with girls having traditionally been less likely to take part.”
  • “Another concerning piece of evidence from the report is that children and young people reported fewer positive attitudes towards sport and physical activity over the 2020-21 academic year, with enjoyment and confidence in taking part seeing significant drops – two of the five components defining physical literacy (competence, understanding and knowledge being the others).”

 Also please see the links to the Public Health Physical Activity guidelines infographics stating the levels of daily physical activity that children require:

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